Free Plug-Ins

Check out Audio Assault’s collection of free plug-ins.


Defacer is a free zero latency plug-in featuring two channels of audio mangling tools.
Each channel features:

  • Deface Randomly rearranges samples in 2,4,8,16,32,64 or 128 sample blocks.
  • LP Pre-Deface, Pre-Distortion lowpass filter.
  • Distort Soft Clipping/Distortion.
  • Rectify Rectifies the signal.
  • Mix Mix the Original Signal.

  • Defacer can do many strange things, like making a guitar lead sound like a dirty synth, or strange vocal effects.


    Klip Freak

    Klipfreak is a free clipper plug-in.
    Use it to control peaks on percussive tracks.


    Transient is a free tool to control and shape the dynamics
    of any instrument.

    Shape the attack of your bass guitar or control the amount
    of room on any track.