FreakQ 305

Drivable Character EQ – $49.99


Color Your Frequency.

One Of A Kind

If you're looking for a user-friendly, one-of-a-kind effect for your music tracks,
FreakQ 305 has got your back!

You'll be wielding the analog sound of the masters once you've installed this rich, potent track tweaker.

Designed by Audio Assault to provide subtle definition and delicious saturation, This
must have EQ can seriously give body and power to your tracks.



Each of the 3 semi-parametric bands or the low shelf and high shelf filters
can be used for subtle boosts or drive the gain hard to saturate your tracks.

Use it to bring air to vocals, give the bass a denser sound or
make your drums stand out.


Find an equalizer setting you like?
With FreakQ 305's scale function, you can adjust the intensity
of all the bands and shelves at the same time.

Make it more subtle, exaggerate & drive it or even invert it.
Couple it with automation to make smooth transitions between frequency curves.