Multi Transient

Multiband Transient Shaper- $49.99


Take control of your drums.

Perfect Drums

Multi Transient is the perfect tool to control and shape the dynamics
of any instrument.

Use Multi Transient to get a killer drum sound,
shape the attack of your bass guitar or control the amount of room on any track.

Multi Transient's 4 adjustable bands make it easy to get precise control of your drum tone.


Full Control

Multi Transient features 4 adjustable bands,
each featuring attack and sustain controls.

Each band also features 2x controls to double the intensity of the effect,
and a clip switch to control any stray transients.

Use the master control to set the overall attack,
sustain, and intensity of a track.

Dial It Up

Use Multi Transient to control the amount of room on any track.

Bring up the mid sustain on a drum track without to bring up the room sound without affecting everything else.

Use it to remove a bad sounding room from a vocal take.