Multiband Saturator – $49.99


Multiband Harmonic Exciter/Saturator to bring the richness out in any sound.

Sonic Enhancement

XCTR makes tracks come to life.
Whether it's a kick track needing more oomph or a vocal needing to cut through,
XCTR's saturation modes have you covered.

XCTR's 5 saturation modes cover a wide variety of styles and sources,
use it to spice up hidden elements on any track.


Total Control

With 4 bands each having 5 different saturation modes,
XCTR gives you complete control over your track.

Mix and match your sound.
By using any of the 4 bands, 5 modes and the mix fader together, getting the right amount of grit has never been easier.

Sonic Destruction

Not only is XCTR great for bringing out the best in a track,
It's great for bringing out the worst!

Use XCTR to completly destroy any instrument,
as a special effect or to design any sound you can think of.

XCTR's 4 bands and 5 saturation modes have you covered.