Latest Plug-Ins

  • Multi Transient
    Total Transient Control,
    get your drums sounding tight.
  • Head Crusher
    The Ultimate Analog Saturator,
    get everything sounding fat.
  • FreakQ 305
    Boost Flip & Drive with FreakQ 305
  • XCTR
    Multiband Saturator,
    Adding power has never been so much fun.

Essential Studio Effects Plug-Ins


Ultimate Bundle

The 6 most essential Audio Assault Plug-Ins.

From multiband processors to amp simulators,
the Ultimate Bundle has everything you need to get started.



Audio Assault Plug-Ins are the perfect tool to get your creative juices flowing.

Use them to get everything to fit just right in any mix.


Audio Assault Plug-Ins make it easy to get precise changes done to any track.

Use them to dig out things hidden on any mix.


Audio Assault’s range of amplifier simulations have you covered.

Use them to get the tone you were always looking for.

Sound Design

Audio Assault Plug-Ins are just what you need to create those new sounds you have in your head.

Distort, mangle and shape away!